Team Performance

Our performance analysts have a combined total of 30 years experience working with professional cricket teams around the world, ranging from international to franchise and county teams.

The impact we can have can be distilled into 3 main areas, Strategy, In-Game and Review.


  • Draft management systems
  • Value for money
  • Style of play
  • Match-ups
  • Team builder
  • Ball-by-ball data analysis

In Game

  • Coding of video and data
  • In game simulation for live actionable insights


  • Contextual statistics to discern values of performance
  • Competition reviews

Our Products


Have a conversation with us, where we use our tools to help guide conversation and help with decision making. Make sure you've done your due diligence

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Team Builder

Input signings into your current team to see how they would impact positively or negatively over the course of 1000 games

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Draft Manager

Created for the first 100 draft in 2019, our draft management system allows your team/franchise to make sure you pick the best squad available to you on the night. It allows for the next best player across the roles you have identified to be shown in response to whoever has been picked before.

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Value for money

Ever thought how your players stack up against their peers across all the formats they play? Our value for money tool visually helps you to identify where a player's strengths and weaknesses lie in comparison to others who have played on the same competitions.


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We have a number of experienced analysts available to code live for you on a number of different platforms.

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Using state of the art in game simulation tools we are able to provide live insights to affect the game playing infront of you. From bowling order to batting order to specific match up, our tool enables you to react live to what is unfolding in the middle.


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Contextual Stats

Our added value ratings (AVR) for white ball cricket and weighted averages for red ball cricket allow you to better quantify performances, so that you can better diagnose where a game was won or lost. They can also be used in strategy to better understand players' profiles and effectiveness.

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Competition reviews

Access to dashboards which show an overview of competitions and how you and your rivals have performed compared to everyone else. Really helpful for benchmarking and highlights particular areas of strength and weakness.


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