Quantum World

Intelligent Cricket, Quantum World

Immerse yourself in our world of simulated sport. Our full length Cricket and Kabaddi games showcase our modelling work, using data from every aspect of a player’s game to create an incredibly realistic simulation. Each player plays according to their career statistics, their opponents ability and the game situation. We've played over 40,000 matches, continually adding more and more depth to our models.

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Hit or Miss

Intelligent Cricket, Hit or Miss

No need for the mathematicians with this fun game, it's as simple as you can get: each of our famous bowlers has preset metrics based on their career performances and, in contests of three players, get 5 deliveries each to see who hits the stumps the most. While it's not complicated, we do find it slightly hypnotic! The results of each game really demonstrate the natural variation possible over such a small sample size.

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Big Hitters

Intelligent Cricket, Big Hitters

Our five famous big hitters face off against one another in a single hit competition to see who can hit the furthest six. Shots are modelled on the player’s career statistics, taking into account the length, variability, opposition, game situation and even altitude of their real-life shots so they can be compared like for like. So, who really is the bigger hitter? Watch a few games to find out!

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Intelligent Cricket, Big Hitters

Watch two gamers face each other head to head, using the Cricket22 gaming platform. Gamers take on an IPL team each and across 8 games a day, 7 days a week, gamers battle to see who is the champion! Matches are 10 Overs aside and take about an hour to complete.

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