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SIM Cricket

Using state of the art simulation techniques and modelling software we can model different match ups, whole games or even careers to create a range of incredible predictive data. Our approach harnesses the very latest approaches and produces a totally unique set of data, like stepping into the future!

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Performance Analytics

Moving beyond simply the provision of data, our services unlock that data to provide meaningful analysis and feedback, helping players and teams to optimise their strategies and keep ahead of the opposition.

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Providing rich, original data using the latest mathematical techniques. Our TAS World features cover a range of analytical and predictive insights to illuminate a match as it unfolds.

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Auction Services

Helping teams to build winning squads by maximising their budget, accurately assessing player contributions and optimising team composition.

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Tournament Support

Working with tournament and franchise owners to increase their fan engagement. We support websites with an array of live scores, commentary, tables, statistics, previews and reviews along with our extra analysis and predictive data to enhance content.

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Live Scoring Visuals

Our extensive range of API data and widgets cover every aspect of cricket data visuals you can imagine including live and interactive scoreboards, worms, Manhattan’s, pitch maps, wagon wheels, player and team profiles, tournament stats and much more. All widgets are fully customizable.

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Commentary Data

Our live text feed is also available via API or one of our customizable widgets, to support your in play cricket projects. Data points cover the results, players and actions of each ball. over summaries and ad hoc narrative content.

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Web App Development

Whatever your cricket app project we have the data! Our range of feeds can provide real time data, deeper analytical content, historical data and much more. Please contact us to discuss your project and we will help build a data plan to suit your needs.