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Using the latest statistical modelling techniques, machine learning and simulation technologies we can unlock truly insightful squad selection strategies, team optimisation and playing styles. Our team of top class data scientists turn vast datasets into meaningful advice for players, teams and governing bodies.

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Why choose Intelligent Cricket?

Maths Hub

Our data analytics team includes experts on cricket, statisticians, AI engineers, data scientists, quantitative analysts and developers. All of whom share a passion for maths, applying the latest technologies and techniques to gain a deep understanding of cricket. Our strong mathematical approach sets us apart from standard data providers.

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Our unique rating system boasts the most up to date and extensive analysis of every ball ever bowled, contrasting the conditions, match situation, player abilities, pressure, and a host of other factors to accurately model a player or team’s effectiveness. This data powers our truly insightful AVRatings which objectively describe each player’s contributions.

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Simulation Technology

Using state of the art machine learning approaches and vast data sets, our team has perfected the most realistic and accurate simulation engine in cricket. We can test a range of players, team composition and strategic scenarios thousands of times and let the data inform best practice. Our work is used to help teams and players optimise their strategies and stay one step ahead…

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TAS World

TAS is our newest range of data products. These draw from our hub of maths, our AVRatings, the simulations and our wealth of experience watching cricket to create a fun, insightful range of media focused data. The various TAS features help broadcasters and web content providers to supercharge their cricket coverage by using illuminating, insightful and fun prediction based data.

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