About Intelligent Cricket

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Intelligent Cricket has grown rapidly, bringing together professionals from many fields of research to create a large pool of cricket data expertise. We are the only cricket data company that can boast a team of global scouts, collecting data in venue from 5 different continents, a dedicated development team who can build websites, widgets, trading software, virtual simulators and much more, a 24/7 quality control team that ensures all our work is of the highest standard and our clients all have access to first class customer support, a data analytics team which is continually pushing the boundaries of our understanding in cricket data, statisticians, machine learners, professional cricketers, performance analysts, media experts, commentators and the list goes on.

By packing all those cricket brains under one roof we have created an amazing hub of expertise and a shared passion for cricket data. Throughout this hub, each team member and project gains from the experiences and approaches of the other, ensuring our skills and our work continues to drive forward. Our collaborative culture creates an atmosphere of innovation, meaning new products are always in the pipeline and that our techniques and approaches always reflect the very latest that science can offer.

Combining the might of our scientific expertise and the personal touch of a close working, content lead business enables us to provide high quality, ground breaking work at an achievable price. It also means we have the flexibility, expertise and infrastructure in place to provide more bespoke solutions should your business need that.

We have worked so hard to build a business that places its passion for cricket at its core. We love cricket, we love data, and we love building products to push both worlds forward. We are really proud of what we have built here at Intelligent Cricket and can’t wait to work with your business and supercharge your content too!